Who Are These Other Songwriters?

Throughout this site you'll see mentions of non-band members that have co-written lyrics with Kristi, Kelly, Heidi and/or David. Here's a guide:

  • Jamie Callan: co-lyricist of Suicide and Christmas Here — Jamie is Kristi and Kelly's older brother. An Information Retrieval guru, he designed the Lucky website back in 1995.
  • Kent Fuher: co-lyricist of Missionary — Kent met Heidi, Kelly and Kristi when they all worked for Columbia Pictures Television at the legendary Sunset-Gower Studios. He also co-wrote an unrecorded Wednesday Week song, Susanville, with Heidi. Kent is best known as a performer under the stage name Jackie Beat.
  • Mars Nolte: co-writer of Looking Back — Mars is a Nolte-by-marriage rather than by-birth.
  • Don Williams: co-lyricist of I Don't Know and Going My Way — Don was a friend of Kristi, Kelly, Heidi and David before there was even a Narrow Adventure! He also wrote Try and I Want You with a pre-Pandoras Paula Pierce for her band Action Now (which included Mike Lawrence, who played in Kristi, Kelly and David's post-WW band, Lucky...small world). Even before that, he was a lyricist and singer in The Rage with Paula and two other girls.