Betsy's House

WarfRat Records

Format: 12" 33-1/3 rpm EP (SEP0983)


Perspective (Callan/Callan)
I Hate Lying To Mom (Callan/Callan)
Sad Little Dog (Callan/Callan)
Pretty Cities (Callan/Callan)
I Don't Know (Callan/Williams/Callan)


Kristi Callan: vocals, guitar
Kelly Callan: drums

Kjehl Johansen: guitar
Dave Provost: bass
Tom Alford: guitar
David Nolte: bass
Joe Nolte: guitar
Steve Andrews: guitar
Vitus Mataré: keyboards, flute
John Frank: percussion

Other Credits

Produced by Vitus Mataré at Radio Tokyo, Venice, CA. Recorded and mixed with Ethan James. Front cover illustration by Don Brown. Rear cover photo by John Frank. Insert photos by Don Williams and John Frank. Package design by Gorilla Graphics. Concept by Wednesday Week and Don Brown.