Lucky's Extended Family

Kingsize Maybe

Kristi Callan, lead vocalist/guitarist in Lucky, can also be seen
playing around L.A. with Kingsize Maybe, the roots oriented
band led by local legend Gary Eaton.

Kristi has been involved with the band since Gary invited her to
sing two songs with him at a tribute to the Kinks held in 1995.
Since then Gary has returned the favor by sitting in with Lucky
when David was unavailable.

Haymaker L.A.

Lucky's multi-talented bass player Mike Lawrence is the driving
force behind Haymaker L.A., a pop/punk trio whose three
song debut single is soon to be available everywhere from
Satellite Records.

Satellite Records
920 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91106 USA

The Mistaken

Kelly Callan, drummer; vocalist and chief lyricist for Lucky,
can be found playing drums on the Triple X Records CD Santa Fe
by the Mistaken, a group led by legendary Los Angeles
music figure and Angry Samoan Greg Turner,
who now resides in Santa Fe, NM.

This record was produced by Bill Inglot, the man who probably
mastered every "reissue" in your CD collection.

David Gray

David Nolte, lead guitarist/keyboardist from Lucky,
recently played on and produced the latest album from
David Gray, Sell, Sell, Sell (EMI Records).

David and Kristi have both toured with David Gray's
band in the U.S. and Europe.

The Last

Joe and Mike Nolte lead the latest version of the Last whose
new CD Gin & Innuendoes is out now on SST Records and
features vocals from David & Kristi.

Joe and Mike can also be found contributing backing vocals to Lucky's Live A Little

The Jigsaw Seen

David has recently been playing bass with The Jigsaw Seen
who are promoting their new single "Letter to the Editor" on
Vibro-phonic Recordings. They also appear on the Closet Pop Freak
compilation (they're the track before Lucky).

The Jigsaw Seen hold their annual Christmas Show at Luna Park in West Hollywood, December 19th, 1996.

Vibro-phonic Recordings
12400 Ventura Blvd., #127
Los Angeles, CA 91604