Kristi & The Dragsters

Kelly's former band, dragsterbarbie, was set to play at keyboardist Jenna's Sweet 16th birthday party, 2001. dragsterbarbie singer/guitarist Amy Hartman had been sick, but was holding out on cancelling the show, hoping she'd get better in time. Finally, it was clear she couldn't do the show due to her illness, so Kelly called on Kristi to step in as Amy's understudy with dragsterbarbies Kelly, Teresa and Jenna. Kristi was familiar with most of the songs, and worked out the rest in Jenna's bedroom with Kelly and Teresa while Jenna enjoyed her party. With lyrics sheets and chords written out, Kristi bravely went on and saved the day, singing and playing such dragsterbarbie hits as Daredevil, He's A Vegetarian, Hope Has 9 Lives, Hidden Valley Ranch, Heavy In Numbers and Jetsetter. Here are the pictures from this unusual show (click on thumbnails for larger pics and ID).